There is nothing contained in this indictment that the U.S. government did not have.

He is shocked over the extent of the leaks coming from apparent sources in law enforcement or the intelligence community. It is something we are all concerned about.

At this point I wouldn't feel comfortable using them or recommending to my colleagues that they be used in combination.

My scientific interests throughout my undergraduate days were directed to cell biology and especially the mysteries of embryonic development.

I was educated in the public school system of New York City and was bright enough to be accepted at Brooklyn College.

We've all been trying to come up with our own type of game plan until there's better evidence-based medicine to guide us.

We've seen a good response in 40 percent of patients studied. Patients reported they have less pain and feel better overall. They significantly improved in measures of physical disability.

I was afraid a 17-year-old would have to incriminate himself in the most serious of crimes without any guarantee that the reason for him to step forward would produce the end he was after.

I was born in Brooklyn in 1922. Both my mother and father were Russian Jewish emigrants who came to America in the early 1900's. My father was a tailor and my mother, a housewife. Though of limited education themselves, they instilled in me the values of intellectual achievement and the use of whatever talents I possessed.