Vanderbilt panicked. The pressure got to them. We kept our composure.

We can't say we haven't gotten any respect. They've given us a lot of respect. We haven't really played well going down the stretch, and to get a No. 2 seed going into the NCAA Tournament, what a feeling.

He brought his intensity and he brought that he's a perfectionist. Everything has got to be perfect. Whether we're walking through plays or whatever, if he sees something is wrong, he wants it corrected. Any little thing. That's good.

Last year, we weren't getting this many people to our games. We're excited that the fans are happy, so we're just happy to give them something to see.

We just haven't played well, at least like we were earlier in the year and the middle part of the year when we were wearing people out. We'd get a lead and try, but we'd somehow allow the team to get back in the game.

It feels good to get this one behind us.

Just getting wins. Wins are the most important thing. They (fans) want to look at that win column. So far we're doing a good job. We just have to work hard and continue to be successful each day.

We had the lead, and we just didn't make plays down the stretch. We wanted to continue this ride, continue this great season that we had. We were right there. They executed more than we did down the stretch.

We've just been focusing on defense and rebounding. You know how Coach Pearl is, he's a perfectionist and he wants us, regardless of the score, to keep competing and keep beating teams on the boards.