With Sam, you went in and basically he turned on a tape recorder, let it run until it was out, and went back and found out what you had. That made country boys like Carl Perkins feel comfortable.

Most times, he didn't need to mow his yard that much. He just liked being out there, having people wave at him, or come up to talk.

It really starts with the day Elvis Presley went to Sun Studios to record a song for his mother. Sam Phillips didn't like his singing, but a secretary did and kept his phone number. Sam Phillips said one day he needed a white kid who could sing black, and she had Elvis' number in her drawer.

So many things had to be in place and had to happen for this song to do what it did. It boggles the mind.

They stacked (the wagons) up from the most expensive on the bottom to the cheapest on top, and Dad had to go for the one on top.

I watched him around guys like George Harrison and Eric Clapton, and I realized the look in their eyes was the same look I had when I looked at Dad.

I was a chunky little kid, and when they sat me in that wagon, it tipped backward and I banged my head on the (concrete) floor. I was howling pretty good, but Dad went outside and cried his eyes out.

The royalty checks each quarter pay the utilities on this big house.