I think they are ready to get back at it. You can tell they are kind of tired because a lot of them are sitting around not doing a whole lot, or they ones that are doing something are ready to quit hauling limbs and play a little football.

It was a good win for us. Any time you can come over here and beat Newton County, it's a good win.

We didn't have to do a whole lot throwing the ball. We're kind of hard headed. When we see a play that works, we stick with it.

We have to tackle. We will need to get off blocks. If we don't stop their running game, we don't have a chance to win.

It helps get you mentally prepared, because you have to be prepared to go into some place else and play well. I think usually the best team is going to win regardless of where they play. We would just assume load and play at their place and we would ours.