He?s capable of that. ..Sometimes Anthony tries to play a finesse game instead of just being a scorer. He wants to be a passer. Sometimes he wants to look cute out there, but he needs to score.

We have a little bit of a different look. I would like to think that we're better on defense, but we still want to run. We're getting after it a little more on defense.

Everyone is capable of giving us a lift. We've been playing at least 10 guys. The guys off the bench have been anxious and ready to play.

It was the whole team that played defense that gave us a comfortable cushion there in the fourth quarter.

The key to this game was for us to keep our composure. We showed it today after losing two games at the buzzer to Windsor and East Hartford. This was a big win for us to beat a very good Glastonbury team for the second time this season.

We still have a ways to go. We've got new faces and kids up from junior varsity. We need to improve in all areas, but we've got a pretty versatile group.

We didn't come here on the same page. East Hartford worked harder and was hungrier. They've got a great player, but there was no excuse for playing the way we did.

It's really too bad that one of these three top teams in the state will be left out of the CCC Tournament.

I thought we still had opportunities. We got bits and pieces, but we didn't get the whole package.