Then they'll start taking pets and lose their fear of people.

But they do. And it looks no different in an urban area than it would out in the country. They carved out territories in completely developed areas.

In most cases, people are totally oblivious to it. There will be coyotes hiding in bushes or in the parks or something and people will be walking by with their dog and they'll have no idea there's a coyote there.

I'm sure there are some areas in the most heavily-developed core that have few, if any, coyotes. However, we can't find any of those areas.

They will snatch house pets if owners let them loose or feed them outdoors. We just need to be aware that they're here. Never feed a coyote.

We've marked over 200, and five became nuisance animals.

They're not going around foraging in garbage cans and things like that.

People in Chicago walk past coyotes every day and never see them. The population has increased rapidly.

It's very common to see them sitting by a roadside watching traffic go by. It's speculation, but we think they're taking notes mentally, looking for gaps and when they occur. And they probably teach it to their pups.