A lot of people are trying to get their message out. Some people (will use) donations from special interests and others will be self-funding.

If children need to get permission to receive an aspirin at school or parental permission to leave school grounds for a field trip, it makes sense that mom or dad should be notified that their young daughter is going to have a serious surgical procedure such as abortion.

It's a close one. It may be another day or two until we know what the outcome is.

The bottom line is when people are running and know that it's down to the hour they will often get desperate and twist information to confuse and mislead voters.

It's all going to boil down to who is going to vote – turnout.

We are waiting for those final 10,000 votes to be counted. Then we'll see if a recount is necessary.

We're not making any decision about anything until the ballots are counted. We can't talk about the next race until we are finished with this one.

The outcome might have been different on April 11 had it only been limited to Republicans.

This was an attempt to mislead voters. We've sent him a letter saying it's false and misleading and he needs to pull the ad.