It was the high country that really took the bulk of the storm so far.

We have seen some improvement, but it's still significant winter driving conditions.

We typically don't install median barriers on a section of road with a 45 mph speed limit like this, in an urban area. So, this is a pretty unusual project.

The accident rate on this section of highway is very competitive with similar highways in the metro area. But, because they did request it, we did look at it and found that, yeah there is a potential for some benefit to installing a barrier system.

We know it was bad. It was worse than a normal weekend.

The weather is getting better, but Loveland Pass has been closed all day and remains closed.

From what I'm hearing, the UPS truck and car sort of tangled in an accident and the bus became involved later when the UPS truck lost control. The roads were just wet with a little bit of slush at the time of the accident.

Closing it is so far off our radar screen. Every indication is looking like the interchange will be improved.

We're keeping them on the snow shift in case we get any weather tonight. It's really cold, and we don't want to see any ice in the overnight hours.