The shoes are a metaphor for these two women who have the kind of dynamic that a lot of women have with each other where one is thinner, the other is smarter. One is more attractive, the other has more money.

This isn't a fashion movie where we were trying to show every fabulous shoe in the world. It's a story about two women who happen to be sisters.

I wouldn't call the shoe closet Rose's guilty secret, because it makes her feel better about herself. But it's thousands and thousands of dollars worth of shoes, and she has nowhere to wear them.

We needed about 200 pairs to fill the closet, and you figure $500 a pair - well, you just can't go and spend $100,000 on shoes, so you do what you can.

Shoes immediately put you in a certain box, like a style of haircut or a pair of jeans. Even if people can't verbalize it, they can still identify someone as a member of their own tribe.

Curtis is not a fan of product placement unless it's for a reason, but as a costumer you have to use it a certain amount to stay within budget. We needed to use an expensive name brand in that scene, so when it breaks the audience knows how much it costs.