They still have a plaque on the wall saying Dean and I lived there and never paid any rent. But the truth is we often put on shows for birthday parties and weddings for hotel guests. That helped keep the wolf from the door.

Jerry got a job playing at this club, but the owner hated his loud style, so he had the manager fire him. When the manager let Jerry go, he asked if there was anyone who could step in. Jerry immediately recommended Dean.

There will never be anyone like Frank. We hit it off right away. I must have somehow tickled his sense of humor.

This transaction brings us to the next chapter in the evolution of our business. We are excited to have J.W. Childs and Merrill Lynch Global Private Equity on board to support us in our efforts as we continue to pursue our growth strategy. We are also very pleased that Allied Capital will remain our financial partner and that John Shulman will continue to hold a seat on our Board of Directors.