We were very aggressive on the bases and up at bat. I think that sparked us to perform at a higher level.

They had seven hits and we had six. The difference was we didn't execute with runners on base when we needed to. We felt like one or two runs could win this game for us.

We were really pleased with how well things went down there. The kids did a great job or executing and just playing relaxed.

She's been on quite a hitting streak.

The idea was to utilize both pitchers and take advantage of the different speeds they throw the ball to try and keep Ballard off balance. We put Michelle in there and they timed her pretty quickly. In her defense, we made a couple of mistakes in the field that didn't do a lot to help her.

It was important that we won with the district being seeded this year. Other than that, we had good pitching and hit the ball hard a couple of times. We did a good job of running the bases and stretching things out when we had the chance.

She kept our girls guessing.

We're hoping this is a building block for a rest of the season. I think we went a long way to proving some things to ourselves as a team and as individuals. This was one of the best things for our confidence.