We looked into what do you do to make a real luxury community. What are those buyers looking for? This is a trend we spotted a couple of years ago.

We really are mid-county when you look at the whole map.

The new signs will make it easier for people, especially visitors, to find their way around Lakewood Ranch. It will also make it safer because the drivers will find it easier to read the signs.

With our strong emphasis on green building in homes, it's the next natural step in the progression. We're pleased. It fits in well with what we're trying to do in Lakewood Ranch.

We do feel for the residents who we know are eager to have a post office at Lakewood Ranch. But we do want to make sure we have the best facility we can have out there. We are willing to wait if that means we are going to have the newest and best technology.

We're very proud. We're very committed to green building.

Safety of course is the first concern and something that drivers can see easily.

We would like to see it move along as quickly as possible. To our knowledge it's just a matter of process that takes a little longer than we'd like.

As we all know, schools are an important part of the home buying process.