But the processes out there, I think, are too heavy weight.

Windows Vista and the next version of Office will usher in a new user experience that developers can build upon and illustrate the capabilities of the underlying platform.

Historically, we focused on the independent developer. We wanted to make such developers highly productive. Visual Studio 2005 is no different.

The developer should not even know such processes exist. They should be baked into the tools.

[B]y reducing software development complexity associated with user experience, we hope to ensure that the presentation layer of applications will not be compromised, making user experience a foremost consideration within both homegrown or packaged line of business enterprise and end-user applications, at significant benefit to organizational and end-user productivity.

But, we said with [Team System] we'd expand the focus from the individual developer to the broad development team -- including the architect, the tester and the project manager -- integrated in a way that they can collaborate together and be highly productive.