He's never owned up to the fact that plenty of inner-city minority schools are doing the job with less money. He's an ideologue so he can't admit Catholic schools are doing better jobs with less money, ... If you read the corpus of his work, it's clear he wants to use schools for indoctrinating kids with a progressive ideology.

I think there are some people on the right who keep some distance from him, because they regard him as still radical. The techniques we developed at Ramparts live on. We deliberately tried to be provocative -- we went for the jugular, we could be nasty with our opponents.

It's amazing she got that out of the mayor without it even being recommended by the arbitrators' panel.

I think he's completely misdiagnosed the problem of the urban schools, ... His contention that they are deliberately starved of resources by a racist society is a wacky idea. It's not true.