It was a tough day to judge. We made some competitive pitches when we had to so I was very pleased. Today we had to fight through the elements, but that is one of the things you have to deal with this time of year.

The good thing is he didn't panic, and he didn't rush to try to get people out. He let it happen after that. I was very impressed, not only with him but the pitching the whole time.

He keeps giving you a chance to win when he fills up the zone with three different pitches for strikes.

I was very impressed with our offensive at-bats in both games. I think we had quality at-bats, hard outs and the base hits were hard. Once again, we played very good defense.

He was in the zone with three pitches. Even the one ball that was hit really shouldn't have been swung at. That was as good as I have seen him pitch.

He (Coleman) was much better than his last outing. He showed that he can pitch at the Division I level.

Early, we just smoked the ball great offensively but they were either line-drive outs or they would catch them and make a great play. But the guys didn't panic and kept getting their good swings off. I liked that most of all.

(Dirks) really didn't catch his groove until somewhere about the fourth inning. I think the fifth is the first time we had the first 1-2-3 inning. We needed it.

It's how you win it -- with quality at-bats and a couple of arms coming through for us. Delivering a pitch when you had to or getting a fly ball when you have to, that's how. Every win is a great win for us, especially for this type of club to build on that momentum.