"Sloan Wilson" was an American author.

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The definition of a beautiful woman is one who loves me.

It is impossible to treat a child too well. Children are spoiled by being ignored too much or by harshness, not by kindness.

The hardest part of raising a child is teaching them to ride bicycles. A shaky child on a bicycle for the first time needs both support and freedom. The realization that this is what the child will always need can hit hard.

A man who wants time to read and write must let the grass grow long.

There are wolves.

It's not a question of who's going to throw the first stone; it's a question of who's going to start building with it.

Gray Flannel really deals with two big issues. The first is how workaholics are divorced from their family and second, the illegitimate children that armies always leave around the world.

In my opinion, much of the so-called science of "education" was invented as a necessary mechanism for enabling semi-educated people to act as tolerable teachers.

We're told we're not supposed to gossip, that our reputation plummets, but in this context there may be an expectation that you should gossip: you're obligated to tell, like an informal version of the honor code at military academies.