The Microsoft lawsuit was totally ill-conceived from the beginning. It should have been a private action because it was primarily aimed to benefit a number of Microsoft competitors.

She has said that she is for the new politics and the new technology, and I am for the old. In fact, exactly the opposite is true.

It is perhaps accurate ... to describe the Daschle proposals as being 'Sex, Lies and No Videotape,' ... We insisted on a complete search for the truth, on the ability for the Senate to decide whether or not video presentations of these witnesses will be permitted on the floor of the Senate.

The most important feature [in the briefing] is the line that the FBI was conducting 70 full field investigations, ... Fox News Sunday.

[The site also states that] Maria Cantwell has not taken a clear position on the Microsoft prosecution. ... freedom to innovate.

No charts, no data sets, and no analysis identifying Mohamed Atta or any of the other hijackers pre-9/11.

No evidence turns up to corroborate what people think they saw.

All the races I'm involved in are tight races. This state, very frequently, doesn't treat Republicans particularly well.