The only way a vendor can find out that you are violating the terms of their license agreement is by monitoring your use. It [seems like] Big Brother.

Things are too fluid to be creating restrictive laws. We talk about scalable servers and scalable sites. That's what should be going on in the legislative process rather than these omnibus, let's-do-it-all-in-one-fell-swoop pieces of legislation.

A lot of provisions in this law have the potential to chill uses of information, especially among competitors.

Bills like H.R. 354 are designed to slow everything down so that big companies can get a better hold and understand what's going on before the competition outstrips them.

If I go out and create a database of recipes on cakes, I do not own the rights to the use of flour, milk, and eggs.

Spouses play a critical role in managing their husbands' illness. Having the opportunity to talk with someone else who has the same thoughts -- the same ups and downs -- can put things in proper perspective.

You've got an industry that has set itself up successfully. Then, all of a sudden, the technology has come along and scrambled the pipeline. They feel very uncomfortable in this shifting environment.

Everyone wants a free market until it's their market that has intense competition. Then they want protection.