Skip Holtz
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"Louis Leo "Skip" Holtz, Jr." is an American American football/football coach who is the current head coach at Louisiana Tech Bulldogs football/Louisiana Tech University. Prior to 2010, Holtz served as the head coach of the East Carolina Pirates/East Carolina University football team. Additionally, Holtz was the head coach of the University of Connecticut/Connecticut Connecticut Huskies football/Huskies football team between 1994 and 1998 and an assistant head coach for the University of South Carolina South Carolina Gamecocks football/Gamecocks between 1998 and 2004.

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He's a great back. He's strong. He's powerful. I could go on and on and on about him. I think he is as good as the billing and the hype.

This is a very competitive conference, and that's what makes a conference great. When anybody can beat anybody on any given night, it makes for some terrific games all season.

I would say we're ahead of where we initially thought we'd be right now, because of how many guys have stepped up and been pleasant surprises. I've really been pleased with the progress. When you feel like you're getting better, you're always going to have a positive attitude on your football team.

Right now, we've got one in a row. I'm not really a statistics guy. I don't use a lot of that for motivation.

I think we did a great job of not giving up the big play. There were some missed tackles, but overall I was pleased. I keep telling people that we are going to be solid on defense, and if we can build on today's performance, we will be in good shape.

It will be a great challenge for us to stop them on offense. I think our defense has a good grasp on what we are trying to do, now it's time to go out and execute in a real game.

He is a very poised young man and he has a strong arm. He is a big strong quarterback. I wouldn't say he is just the athlete who is going to come in and run the option up and down the field. I think he beats you more with his arm than his head. He is in a new system and from everything I read, he is very excited about what they are doing offensively.

He moves around decently enough for (Duke) to utilize any play action. More than anything, he has been there before. He has been under fire and has the experience. He is poised and he is very intelligent which means he has the ability to hurt you if you give him an opening. He is going to present some problems for us because of his knowledge in the pocket.