With the increase of clusters the possibility has to be thoroughly examined that the virus might have changed and could possibly spread from human to human.

This can be described as an epidemic. These (cases) will happen again as long as we cannot determine the source.

We are awaiting for further results. We will continue to investigate whether she had been in contact with anything that related to bird flu.

Until now, three children are being treated in a hospital ... two are suspected of having the symptoms of bird flu based on the lab tests. The other one is still under observation.

It's a high alert. Every region is on alert so if at any time it occurs in remote areas, we are ready.

Other countries have committed to help in terms of providing equipment, expert paramedics, that sort of stuff. We are concentrating on paramedic training and preparing hospitals.

This is to calm people, not to bring more panic. The government is ready to overcome this.

Not yet, maybe in two or three days hopefully, because this is a holiday, but looking at the symptoms ... there's a large possibility that it is bird flu.

With this SMS service, we hope that the health ministry will not be less informed than journalists.