It's inevitable that when the flu pandemic will have a very serious impact on the health of our country.

As a result, some patients become more seriously ill than they would have been otherwise, some experience long-term disability and some die.

Expert opinion suggests that these drugs will help to reduce the health impact of a pandemic and could cut the demand for acute hospital beds by as much as 50%.

In a normal winter flu year... flu actually kills in excess of 12,000 people.

We cannot prevent a flu pandemic, but we can reduce its impact.

But if we had a pandemic, the problem would be that our existing vaccines don't work against it, we would have to develop a new vaccine, and people don't have natural immunity because it hasn't be around before.

I think it's less likely that it will come this winter.

They're coming in at the rate of 800,000 a month.

We are one of the few countries to have embarked on this stockpiling at a very early stage... until now, we have been one of the countries which has been in the lead on this, and it is part of a comprehensive plan.