I am not talking about us introducing our own protectionist measures - that would be disastrous - but I would like to see Mr Blair publicly asking for explanations from his Spanish counterpart about how he justifies protecting local industry.

They represent a growing market for value-added goods that we can produce and deliver.

We are never going to win the argument unless we put our head over the parapet.

I don't want to live in a Britain where we ban overseas companies but you can't expect Britain to go on and watch other countries change the rules when they want to.

I am very pleased [Mr Blair] has started a debate on nuclear energy. That's all he's done.

It is increasingly clear that many firms still don't have the necessary plans in place.

They will want to know why the Government has deprived them, and their families, of this opportunity. This flies in the face of everything the country is trying to achieve on skills. Computer literacy has to be a given in a globally competitive economy.

Anyone with a foreign language under their belt, whether at GCSE, A-level or as a graduate, will have an immediate advantage in the job market because they can deliver their company an edge in the world market.