I wanted my team to specialize in particular areas and stick with particular functions, but that wasn't me. And Mike wanted to be more sensitive to his team and be more collaborative, but that wasn't him. Ultimately, it's not a matter of which style works better than the other. It all comes down to which style works best for you.

Some of the other boats did everything exactly the same way, from start to finish. On our boat, there wasn't a single operation at the end of the race that we did the same way as in the beginning. You were learning, changing, and evolving all the time. If you weren't, you were dead.

[If that were to happen, the crew quite possibly would have lost both its skipper and its rig to the world's harshest seas. Why take on such a risk?] Because I was young, I was fit, but most importantly, I was a member of the team, ... And sending me up there was the best use of the team's resources. So I did it.

Mike and I barely talked during the race.

[The most challenging sailing was in the Southern Ocean. But the leadership challenge was comparatively easy.] It was muck and bullets -- battleground leadership, ... These guys were hanging on by their fingernails. As long as I was technically competent, leading was pretty straightforward.

But then I noticed two of the guys standing on the foredeck.