It was a little unexpected. Computer models didn't indicate it, but once those thunderstorms develop, you run into the possibility of intense snow squalls out of it.

The market's slight disappointment with the figures may reflect a perception of lower profit leverage to the higher sales growth together with another indifferent quarter in the medical division.

People recognized they had a historic buying opportunity at the top end of the town house market. They saw a historic opportunity present itself, and they seized it with both hands.

'Bubble' is a very emotive word and it does get thrown around a lot. I don't think there is any evidence of a bubble yet.

In the light of these developments, Mr. Timberlake has decided not to pursue these proceedings and considers that his reputation has been fully vindicated.

What we try to look for is more the trend than the exception. There is a lot of liquidity in the market, and the economy is well on its way. It's difficult to see too many clouds on the horizon at the moment.

The newspaper now accepts that all the allegations complained of are entirely untrue and without any substance.