Whether you're a student, housewife, senior citizen or doctor I think the whole country calls it March Madness for a reason. Whether it is brackets or taking the next step and making a wager, I think everybody's doing it.

Although he's a long shot to win all four majors this year, bettors aren't putting anything past Tiger. Nearly half of all the bets we've taken to date have backed Woods to win the Grand Slam.

It's definitely a huge industry, and it dwarfs Nevada many times over. Every year, we see an increase, and we will double what we did last year.

In the past our bettors have correctly predicted the outcome of television shows like American Idol, as well as world events including the Papal conclave and Presidential elections. If the betting trend continues, it could mean the end of the line for Uncle Junior or Christopher, who both have several risk factors making them vulnerable to being killed-off.

Although we're a bookmaker and all about gaming, everything we do is to mitigate risks.

While buzzer beaters and upsets grab the headlines, what really captivates millions is their vested interest in office pools, rather than the performance of their favorite team or alma mater. For every person who enters an office pool, there's a good chance you will find another placing a bet on the tournament games over the Internet.

As more consumers realize the safety and convenience online sports books provide, the Internet will continue to be the destination of choice for betting on major sporting events like the NCAA tournament.

With over two thirds of all wagers placed on Woods winning at least three majors this year, it's clear that bettors don't put anything out of Tiger's reach. Although he'll certainly be a clear favorite in each leg of the Grand Slam, both history and the odds are against Tiger Woods achieving golf immortality by capturing all four majors this year for a Tiger Slam.