We felt that Bryan Robson set the tone for much of this from the first minute. He was insulting our players and our bench virtually from the start. After 57 seconds, he was out of the dug-out accusing Damien Duff of diving and shouting at the referee and that general tone continued.

We have three home games in a week coming up and you need two weeks more after that to let a new pitch settle. If you play on it before then the new grass can move around and be just as difficult. We have simply not decided yet whether to do anything drastic about it until we have seen how it stands up to the next week.

If we can't get the necessary approvals for this season we will be looking at next season. This is not just about bringing them in in the short term.

We haven't had any indication from UEFA of any complaint, ... A far away, quiet place.

Relaying a pitch at this time of year makes it much more difficult to lay a new one in the summer. The pitch here has always been a difficult one. Last year, it contributed to Scott Parker picking up a bad injury playing for us. It is all about where it is and where it can get the benefit of natural growth.