Simon Cole
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"Simon Andrew Cole" is Chief Executive of UBC Media Group.

He co-founded the Unique Broadcasting Company in 1989, which floated on the London Stock Exchange in July 2000 as part of UBC Media Group. Simon started his radio career as a BBC trainee, moving to Manchester in the early 1980s where he became programme director at Piccadilly Radio. Whilst at Piccadilly, Simon helped pioneer the market for national sponsored programmes. He is a Fellow of The Radio Academy.

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Rather than blindly insisting there is zero error in fingerprint matching, we should acknowledge the obvious, study the errors openly and find constructive ways to prevent faulty evidence from being used to convict innocent people.

I think it's pretty damning.

While we don't know how many fingerprint errors are caught in the lab and then swept under the rug – or, worse, how many have still not been caught and may have resulted in a wrongful conviction – we clearly need a full evaluation of the errors. The argument that fingerprints are infallible evidence is simply unacceptable.