Brown has developed into a strong leader. She has great talent in the 100 breast and leads by example.

Melanie has a chance in the 500-freestyle, if she cuts 15 seconds from her time she really has a chance.

It was a really nice performance both days. We would have finished ahead of Grand Junction, but we didn't have a diving team.

The scoring is quite suspect.

In the individual events we scored well. They're getting us up with some confidence for the end of the season.

It's simply her consistent work.

We really just want to have our best swim at state, that is all we want to expect.

It's nice to be competitive against these teams and we have been. Junction is a talented team at the top without as much depth as us. We're scrambling for consolation points while they get final points.

It was a tremendous performance this weekend. We really benefited from many things. We aren't a powerhouse and we pretty much are a team that's done everything on hard work.