Sig Gissler
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"Sig Gissler" is an adjunct professor of journalism at Columbia University and the former administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes.

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It's a very significant change. This reflects the growing importance of online content, but, at the same time, print remains very important, and I think the Pulitzer competition now reflects a blend of print and online, which is what most newspapers are seeking to achieve these days.

In the age of lickety-split Internet traffic, it's a charming, old-fashioned way of informing people.

Under the new rules, the initial online publication and later stories could be part of the package.

We're not in the business of sending signals. We let the decisions speak for themselves. Sometimes you don't get a winner in a category.

The Board regards this as extraordinary work by two papers ... in the aftermath of Katrina, which is considered the nation's worst natural disaster.

There was no clear-cut winner.

The board will continue to watch the evolution of this medium.

We're trying to encourage shorter, high-quality submissions in addition to the long packages we get.

The board believes it has taken a significant step in recognition of the widening role of online journalism at newspapers.