You have to take every loss into consideration and you have to learn from it. Being that we are so close, we are going to come together. We are going to bounce back from this and we are going to do it. It is just a matter of time.

Assistant coaches work with us a lot. Especially with coach House, he works with the post. Before the [FSU] game, he had us out working on the little things that we worked on in practice.

There's definitely more speed involved. It's gonna be up-tempo.

I think that is one thing that we focus on as a team. We don't want Tiffany to go out a loser. We want to get her a championship before she leaves. We are all pretty close, and that is one thing that we have all focused in on and said we were going to get down.

All of them do it. They know the potential that we have. If we are not working at that potential, they are going to pull us aside and tell us what to do. It is all very constructive criticism. They are all pretty much even in knowing everyone's individual talents and strengths.

We all thought it was going to be a tough game, and it was. Everyone was clawing their way through but we were ready for it.

There is probably a little bit [of an intimidation factor], but on any given day there's a little bit of intimidation. If we can play up to their level or beyond their level, then we'll have a greater chance of winning.

I think we need to play defense as best we can and play their style and tendencies. If we can do that and try to get under their skin, then we'll be better off.

You are going to have nights that you are not going to shoot as well as you would like. That is something that can be corrected overnight by getting a little extra shooting in. We have players that can do that, so we are going to bounce back quickly.