There's this halo, sacrosanct idea of gene therapy, that no one could be involved unless they're completely trustworthy, that maybe left more blinders on than in other areas.

They are kinder and gentler to the industry than the Office of Drug Safety has traditionally wanted to be. I don't see this changing.

He's a very smart guy, but he's basically carrying out the agenda of the pharmaceutical industry. His bill completely immunizes the drug industry from lawsuits.

Advertising of prescription drugs is too important to be left to industry themselves.

I've always been concerned about this dangerously cozy relationship between the joint commission and the hospital industry generally, and the individual hospitals that it looks at.

Be able to get away with twisting the truth a little bit, enough to convince patients to go to their doctors [and] to convince their doctors to prescribe the drug.

Every week, more than a thousand patients are killed in American hospitals as a result of negligence.

[Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, was less impressed, saying in a statement that the guidelines failed to deliver] a single guarantee for consumers. ... nothing that really is meaningful.

They (the guidelines) are designed as a desperate attempt to fend off real regulation of drug ads.