The high concentration of lead in the air and soils of the site and high blood lead levels in the local population were well known from studies conducted in the pre-conflict period of 1999. UNMIK has been aware of the threat to the health of the inhabitants of these camps from at least 2000. Yet, nothing has been done to relocate them.

I can also report that it is raining in Victoria and Balham. What we need is some weather control to ensure the rain reaches the Oval. Where's Paul McCartney when you need him? If he zapped a few clouds for a stupid concert he can certainly do the same when there is sporting glory at stake.

At that time, I didn't think I'd be living here in a year, if ever.

We urge the Albanian government to immediately draw up a plan of action that includes protection mechanisms for women who suffer from violence, and to prosecute and punish the perpetrators, including by making domestic violence an offence under the Criminal Code.

The call would go out: 'Who can drive a bulldozer?' and inevitably someone would raise their hand.