I feel a lot better running on this field (at the U.) everyday than I did in Arizona on their turf. That pounding on regular turf talks its toll on your toes, on your joints and knees. We appreciate this right here. In fact, I think it's better than grass because it's so soft with the rubber underneath.

I loved playing both ways. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Defense is challenging and fun, trying to stop the man coming at you. It's a thrill. I wouldn't hesitate to do it if D-Dub (Blaze coach Danny White) asked me to.

I'll be happy to see him get it. Me and him are the top (offensive specialists) in the league. I'm always happy for him because we set the salary at our position. The more people start respecting offensive specialists, the better for me.

I saw positive things even though we lost the game. We had five turnovers and we were still in the game. That shows a lot for our character.

You win together as a team and you lose together as a team. As a leader on this team, I need to make sure the guys on defense don't get down.