This a momentous day; I am excited because this is the first parliament we have had after so many decades.

After three decades of war, and now we are coming with the votes of the people backing us, it is a big day.

Don't forget that this is not just a collection of warlords, drug lords and smugglers. We have good people as well.

This is an historic moment for the people of Afghanistan.

Our patriarchal society does not like to hear this voice, it's a voice that even Afghan politicians want to silence. But despite these problems, I and millions of other Afghan women have been successful through our tireless efforts to open a small glimpse of hope, for the future generations and for the children of Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, these traditions are so deeply rooted among people that in some cases they are placed before the religion. People believe and practice traditions that [destroy] women; they consider women as elements whose only duty is to give birth to children. And the other problem is the patriarchal view that is prevalent in the society.