I am trying my best to get everyone together and let everyone know it is possible. If we play hard and play together, I don't see it not happening.

I love it when we face teams who are better than us. This is perfect, I'm used to it and I always play my best against better teams.

We never beat them. They were a good team.

At first, my game was just drive, drive, drive. I found out it's a lot easier when you can do both.

It was a good game; we just didn't match up to them.

It's payback. They're one of the three teams that beat us, and it wasn't by a little bit. So it's payback time.

When the ball is in my hands, I feel like I have to do the right thing with it, whether it's shooting or passing.

We had a pretty good shot my first year, and I hope we have an even better chance my last year here. That would be a fitting way to end my career, and my senior year has been much more enjoyable.

It was big motivation. Also, if we take care of ourselves in the couple of games left in the regular season, things will work out for themselves - and they did (Thursday) night.