Election time means time out. There is a strong argument for refraining from doing dramatic things right now.

The historical irony is that a step that is basically within the discourse of the left is being carried out by a right-wing leader. It is as significant as Richard Nixon going to China.

It's a journey from pariah to the establishment. There's less anger and bitterness and more responsibility.

No Israeli government since 1967 has had the political will and ability to make such a decision about the future borders of Israel.

The next government can of course wiggle out of an agreement, ... but it will find it extremely difficult to do it.

After all, all the great strategists have failed. The feeling was, 'Let's lower our sights and settle for a tactician.

Sharon, ... has learned the language of the possible.

What will happen will depend on two factors: whether disengagement will pass peacefully within Israel and whether there will be more terrorism, which will make the argument against further disengagement very strong.

If there is violence, Sharon's chances are diminished.