I hope this will be an inspiration for the future generation of skaters.

I had made mistakes in the short program earlier this season, but I finally didn't make any. I'm satisfied more with my performance than my position. It was my best short program this season and hopefully my performance in the free skate will help take me to the Olympics.

I'm just so surprised about all of this that I'm speechless. I never expected that I would be the first one to win a medal for Japan, so I didn't feel that pressure. But I'm very happy that I am the one who won it.

I wasn't expecting this. I'm finding it hard to find words. I couldn't think at all with that gold medal around my neck.

I think I will realize that I have won gold in the next two or three days. Many times I've thought about quitting. I'm happy I have continued.

I'm surprised right now. I can't find the words for it. I couldn't think at all during the medal ceremony, with the gold medal around my neck.

I'm satisfied with the way I skated today. I didn't make any major mistakes, I planned to do a triple lutz, triple loop but didn't have the confidence to pull it off.

I poured all my strength into the Olympics, which was always the chief priority for me and I'm still in a situation where I can't relax.

I'm quite comfortable with my skating now and I think I made the right decision over the music changes. I want to perform the way people might say they want to watch it again.