I kicked a snowman in the face.

My dignity is worth more than four dollars.

I always wish I had more space to put my equipment and tools, but that is the nature of living in the residence halls. You need to optimize your space, and I still have no trouble with keeping two guitars, two amps and tons of tools in my room now.

There's always that one guy with the 100-watt half-stack who is maxing out his amp and being heard three floors above and below him, which doesn't make anyone happy. Not everyone is as excited as you about guitar and loud noises.

Raise your hand if you've ever shot putted a mailbox. Raise your hand Joe, you were there.

F**k, it's like they've never seen a f**king duct tape wall before.

You know you've had a rough night when you're taking shots of pepto in the morning.

Living in the residence halls gives you a wonderful opportunity to meet others who share the same passions.