"Shirley Anne Walker" was an American film and television composer and conductor. She was one of the few List of female film score composers/female film score composers working in Hollywood. Walker was one of the first female composers to earn a solo score credit on a major Hollywood motion picture (preceded by Suzanne Ciani who wrote the complete score to the Universal Film "The Incredible Shrinking Woman" in 1980, released January 1981) and according to the Los Angeles Times, will be remembered as a pioneer for women in the film industry.

She wrote her film scores entirely by hand. She always orchestrated and conducted her own scores by herself.

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This is the proudest moment I've had with this team since we started play on Nov. 21. When the chips are down, I'm the type of person that likes to fight and challenge. I told the girls that I want someone that will fight with me. I've seen a lot of fighting in the last week.

I'm so proud for our team.

The free throws in the last minute just killed us. I think that just goes back to the fact that we didn't have enough gas.

We played good in spots, but we played bad overall. If we could get something from the bench, I think we could have pulled it out. I think we just ran out of gas.

We wanted to push the ball and get them tired. That's what Nunez did.

Without Powell on the floor, I think that had a big effect on the whole team. I'm glad we've got this break. I'm hoping we can get everybody healthy.

Everybody knows those were two tough losses. We couldn't say anything. We didn't do what we needed to do on the floor. They're fine. They all gave me thumbs' up. With me as the chief over my little cabinet members, when the chips are down, I always like to fight through it.

Shan is human. You play 45 minutes with an overtime, and it wears out anybody. I would have to put some other people in there to give her a break. Down the stretch, we're going to need her. I really noticed it when she went to the free-throw line in one game and didn't have any legs.

Nunez hurt it in Missouri, and the pain went all the way down to her back. From there she hurt it again in Texas, and Christmas night she was in a car accident. That didn't help her at all.