Shirley Manson
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"Shirley Ann Manson" is a Scottish singer, songwriter, musician and actress, best known internationally as the lead singer of the alternative rock band Garbage (band)/Garbage. For much of her international career Manson commuted between her home city of Edinburgh and the United States to record with Garbage; she now lives and works in Los Angeles. Manson gained media attention for her forthright style, rebellious attitude and distinctive voice.

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I feel the same way I did when I was in school. I'm having the same insecurities. They don't go away just because they call you a sex symbol.

The communication had gotten so bad that I don't think any of us know, even to this day, what was going on in each individual's mind. And we've never really spoken about it. But I do know that Butch felt that he quit.

I don't think we feel Garbage will ever be completely over. It's part of our lives, we still all get on well and love each other. We're taking a hiatus, I don't know if we're calling it a day. I don't think I'll ever make music with another band.

I think they're a little shocked at first. . . . Then they start laughing or grinning or shaking my hand.

That's very kind of you but that's not how they really see it.

I state for the record that I am PRO CHOICE. No government, no man, no neighbour of mine is going to tell ME what I choose to do with MY BODY or MY LIFE. How dare ANYONE, even for a MILLISECOND, consider it reasonable to legislate over the insides of another human being. Where will that kind of legislation end? Will it eventually lead to goverment legislation over our organs?NOBODY has the ri.

Sex is not the enemy . . . I won't feel guilty no matter what they're telling me.