A good family-law attorney or a good certified divorce financial analyst or certified financial planner is going to help you measure the value of the asset you think you want to keep.

With time on our side — a couple of months in advance of the holidays — we have the opportunity to step back and ask, 'What's a reasonable amount of money I can spend on holiday festivities, gifts and donations?'

The concept of longevity could very likely be the most dangerous subject that financial planners and individuals project.

Many young couples are so busy being romantic that they forget to talk about anything practical like personal finance. Money isn't a romantic subject, but marriage should be seen as entering into a financial as well as a romantic partnership.

Partnerships between industry and education are so very important in the lives of our youth. With this program, students will have a wonderful opportunity to gain practical knowledge and experience in careers pertaining to the automotive industry.

Secrecy can be a killer. Many couples get married in their late 20s or even early 30s and are used to being independent. Having separate accounts allows the couple to maintain some financial independence while being completely open about it.

This way, both spouses are kept in the loop, and there are no secrets. There's no blame, no shame. It's taking your financial pulse: Did we meet our goals? What can be done better? You don't want to beat each other up--you want to make the finances work better.

The president of the college is suspended since Aug. 24 and I don't have a communication from the school?