This is a Democratic state, but all voters are fed up. As voters begin to focus on the race, they're going to vote for change.

People aren't buying it, but he's continuing to throw money at his problem.

Doug always makes it a point to talk to Peter.

We are talking to a number of Republicans with national profiles who are interested in coming in or coming back. We expect some more big names.

He was saying bears are breaking into people's homes and it's a significant problem.

These poll findings are the reason Doug is going to win the election. Voters want change.

The issue people most identify with him is his gift to a union leader. This is a very easy ethical problem to understand.

No one expected him to be this close this soon.

Doug represents a real hope for change in New Jersey. The corruption is really driving the state into the ground. I think a lot of older voters are very concerned about that, and that's reflected in their contributions.