She wanted to play all around, and she's worked hard for that. Her entire game has really improved.

At that age, she could already jump serve and place it wherever she wanted.

Jessica is better all the way around on offense and defense, and Beth has a good vertical and her blocking is improving. Allison was solid for us last season. With libero coming in (this season), I considered Katie for it, but I don't want to take away from her attacking abilities.

If we would've set the tone with game one, I think it would've been our night. We missed five serves in game one. Mental-wise, I think we were more confident than in the past.

Shea has a little more of a vertical and Sara is probably a stronger blocker. Those two girls are going to have to be our blocking force at the net.

That was great for them. They got to go and compete earlier before they even touched a ball (for Lee).

I feel very confident in both of them. Megan did a fast camp and she's definitely much quicker to the ball. It's going to be a matter of who can show up on the court that night.

The girls know she will be an asset to the team and she will see a lot of floor time.

Our first two games against Quitman we played great ball. Quitman's defense was just unbelievable. I think if we could have finished out game two, we might have given them more of a run.