If you want to compete, take up tennis. This type of thing is just not something you need to compete with. It's about having fun.

I like to say that I've never really had a real job, ... But I never looked at modeling from a business standpoint: I'd simply work on things that I wanted to do and sell them when I was done. It was basically a way to pay for my hobby. The purpose wasn't to make money; the purpose was to pay the rent so I could do it full-time.

When you get into dioramas, you are creating a work of art. I don't use the word with a capital 'A' but you are creating a 3-D painting, and the satisfaction you get is much the same. In some ways, dioramas are so interesting because they combine so many elements in different forms: You are basically telling a story without words. It's like silent movies, except you don't have anybody moving.