If the Japanese government continues to condone the activities of these rightist groups, then the situation will become even more serious and the problem will get even more complicated.

Proceeding from this principled position, the Chinese delegation cannot support the Security Council's recommendation to the General Assembly for accepting Tuvalu as a new member state.

If peace and tranquillity are maintained in this area. I don't believe there is any need to maintain a large number of military personnel there.

[China deplored the attack on Iraqi territory.] We believe Iraq's territory should be respected, ... We hope all sides show an attitude of restraint.

It is necessary for China and Africa to promote cooperation in consular affairs.

The threat of Mr. Kantor will have no impact on China because the China market is a highly competitive market.

We hope all sides will not take action that could further aggravate the situation in that area. We think the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Iraq should be respected.

The Chinese side cannot but immediately halt bilateral human rights dialogue and exchanges.