Shelley Berman
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"Sheldon "Shelley" Berman" is an American comedian, actor, writer, teacher, lecturer, philanthropist, and poet.

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One of the greatest humorists of the last half-century.

How do you tell how a man has been funny? How do you do the sound of his voice? The turn of his face? But I will tell you he was as funny as any man I've ever seen.

Few, very few, will ever be able to craft a joke as beautifully as Pat. He was able to just make it all happen. I don't think he was great at telling them, but he was sure great at putting them down.

I was concerned about `who am I?' to the audience. So when they (the filmmakers) said, `We'll follow you,' I bit. I insisted on the right to approve the rough cut. So there I was, safe, everything fine.

Suddenly, we were moving.

It's great conversation. In the industry, it's great talk.

If I asked for a (stage) light, it was not an ask but a demand. If I demanded, I was having a fit.

We were sitting watching television, had finished a nice dinner, everything was fine. Other people were in serious trouble. Then suddenly, we were moving.

When he was sitting with you, would he be witty? No.