Sheldon Silver
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"Sheldon "Shelly" Silver" is an American lawyer and United States Democratic Party/Democratic politician from New York, who rose to become Speaker of the New York State Assembly in 1994. On January 30, 2015, eight days after his arrest on federal corruption charges, Silver submitted his resignation as Speaker, effective February 2, intending to fight and overcome the charges against him.

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Chinatown was probably the most economically devastated area as a result of Sept. 11, ... The concept of making an Empire Zone was to attract jobs.

Looking forward to receiving further details about the governor's proposal.

[Certainly, Silver is outraged.] As the assembly member representing the Lower Manhattan community that continues to struggle . . . I was outraged by your recent suggestion that we abandon efforts to commercially rebuild, ... Your new position will undoubtedly hurt efforts to re-establish the Lower Manhattan community as a strong commercial center.

This is a major, major issue on a national basis and this is the way members chose to address it. This was not an issue where the leadership set the policy.

It continues the streak, ... It's 105 in '05. I became speaker in '94 with 94 (Democratic members).

It wasn't a play. Goldman was very concerned about the tunnel. Even if they weren't leaving downtown, this is a reaffirmation by a major international business that they were committed to downtown.

We are glad that the administration is finally taking steps to use New York's existing civil-commitment law as one part of our ongoing effort to protect the public from sex offenses.