If you made a movie about (evolutionary biologist Charles) Darwin now, it would be revolutionary. If we did a documentary on Darwin, I'd get a thousand hate emails.

A singular creative force in what may be called high-impact television.

I didn't realize, actually, at the time how terribly important this documentary was. I didn't know that the issue of gay marriage, gay rights, gay adoption was going to actually become an issue that would probably tear this country apart.

Respect mostly the people on the other side of the camera.

This documentary is about tapping into a celebration of gay people and prejudice against gay families that is inherent in large parts of America. If anyone's going to bring this into someone's living room, it's Rosie. She is part of America's family.

When a man is close to tears discussing his work and his lip quivers, he deserves bosses who punch back. I feel I would punch back for Dan.