They beat us last time. And we want to get them.

We toyed with slowing down the game from the start, or going at it. We were pretty confident that we should go at it tonight. That was the result. I guess we weren't ready for it.

The talk after the game was playing for 32 minutes. And playing 100 percent for 32 minutes. I don't think we got that tonight.

It's crunch time. We've got to get the win.

It was great to qualify for the tournament not only against a team which had beaten us on our floor, but to do it in their gym.

She faces some tough stuff every night. Box-in-one every night ? that's who they go after. But she hangs in tough. That's what we need from her every night.

She was great on the boards all night. But she got big rebounds in the second half.

The team played very, very well. We played a 32-minute game and did what we needed to do from start to finish.

I was hoping tonight was the night for us.