At this point, we simply have run out of time to execute the concert series at the level of excellence that our audiences, artists and community partners expect.

We just haven't been able to move as swiftly into marketing, promotion and launch because we've been working so hard on the other pieces of this.

So many of the organizations created during that time have continued to flourish and stay fresh and interesting through generations of arts lovers.

Bumbershoot fits the personality of this city so well because people here are curious and engaged and they come to the festival to sample.

We all think Bumbershoot is going to go on forever.

At this point we simply have run out of time.

That's probably one of the reasons we picked a volcano. It's enduring but unpredictable.

You have to remember that we are a non-profit and our mission is to bring arts, culture and music to the city. That's why we're here.